ACEG Algerian Branch topped out the structures of Tarf Seaside Resorts
ACEG Overseas Business Department  |  Updated: 2022-01-07  |  Views: 2855

On December 31, 2021, the ceremony for the structure completion of Tarf Seaside Resorts Project was successfully held. The Project was contracted and built by ACEG Algerian Branch, Mr. Qian Tao, Chief Financial Officer of ACEG Algerian Branch, and all the staff members of the Project attended the event.


The Project of Tarf Seaside Resorts is a social infrastructure of the Algerian Ministry of Defense, which has attracted great attentions from all walks of life since the commencement of the construction of the project.


On September 1, 2020, the Project was instructed to speed up the construction progresses. From then on, the project management quickly organized its staff and actively mobilized and made a fine deployment and a detailed back schedules for all the works in order to carry out the construction at the fastest speed.


At the same time, the Project Management has increased resource investments as well, including manpower and materials and technical supports to speed up the construction progresses for the project, that have effectively guaranteed the simultaneous construction of multiple operating areas and realized continued operations from the preceding works seamlessly and uninterruptedly, so the works have been carried out in full swing and within just four months, the whole structures and the decoration works of the sample houses were all completed on schedule.


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