“ACEG Cup” Competition boosts new techs for BIM Application
ACEG Chief Engineer's Office  |  Updated: 2021-12-03  |  Views: 1057

Recently, the results of ACEG Cup” Competition for BIM Application Technology in Anhui province have been announced, ACEG has won a total of 11 awards from various events, including 2 first prizes, 4 second prizes and 5 third prizes.


This year’s “ACEG Cup” Competition for BIM Application Technology in Anhui province was co-hosted by Anhui Highway Association and Anhui Construction Engineering Group Holdings Co., Ltd., and co-organized by Anhui Communications Holdings Construction Management Company, Anhui Institute of Transportation Planning, Design and Research, ACEG Road and Bridge Engineering Group Co. Ltd., Academy of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering of Hefei University of Technology, Bridge and Tunnel Special Committee of Anhui Provincial Highway Association.


The Competition is divided into three categories - traffic engineeringteaching and others. A total of 14 BIM technical experts from well-known design and construction consulting units in Anhui Province were invited forming an expert panel according to the number of entries and the actual situation of BIM applications. In accordance with the rules and the requirements of the organizing committee, after two stages - preliminary evaluation and final evaluation, 5 first prizes winners, 10 second and 15 third have come out.


ACEG has attached great importance to the organization of the competition, with someone being put in charge of the work, leaders in charge personally made the arrangement and many times attended the preparatory meetings giving guidance. In accordance with the spirit of the Notice of “ACEG Cup” Competition for BIM Application Technology in Anhui Province (Wanluxue No. 58, 2021) issued by Anhui Provincial Highway Society, the Chief Engineer’s Office of ACEG took the lead and cooperated with relevant departments to achieve the goals of this competition and all the works for the competition were successfully completed on schedule by means of joint efforts and clarified responsibilities and elaborate organization. The success of the competition plays a positive role in promoting the image of ACEG, showing the elegant demeanour of the staff, inspiring the majority of the skilled personnel to cherish their posts and devote wholeheartedly to their works and delve into their business studies and promote the construction of the team of highly skilled personnel.


Justicefairness and openness are the principle of this competition. Luo Ning, Chairman of Anhui Highway Institute, participated in the final evaluation and put forward requirements for the evaluation of the Competition, the scoring for Competition was based on the Rules of “ACEG Cup” Competition for BIM Application Technology in Anhui Province and the first, second and third prizes were awarded according to the scheme. The results have been publicized on the website of the Highway Association in Anhui Province and ACEG for 10 days at the same time, during which no objections were received.


Building Information Modeling (BIM) is the foundation of digital transformation in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industryrealizing better ways for working and better outcomes for businesses.


BIM technologies around the world have entered a period of rapid development in recent years. ACEG takes advantage of this trend to vigorously promote BIM technologies and actively promote the developments of BIM application and intelligent building. In the future, ACEG will continue to innovate, focus on new BIM technologies, keep improving production qualities and achieve higher development.


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