ACEG works to develop “Technical Standards for Nearly Zero Energy Buildings”
Anhui Institute of Building Research and Design   |  Updated: 2021-11-01  |  Views: 5299

On October 20th, the technical meeting on examination and approval of the local standard of Technical Standards for Nearly Zero Energy” (draft submitted for approval) was successfully held in Hefeithe capital city of East China’s Anhui province; The standard was developed by the panel of experts with Anhui Institute of Building Research and Design – one of ACEG’s wholly-owned subsidiaries, mainly engaged in the research and application, design and services of construction engineering science and technologies, taking the lead as the editor-in-chief unit.


Here, the review committee made up of leading experts, reviewed and approved the standard. The leading experts invited were: Xu Wei, Researcher of China Academy of Building Research; Xu Xiaolong, Deputy Chief Engineer of China Building Energy Conservation Association; Liu Jing, Anhui Architectural Design And Research Institute Co., Ltd.; Zhang Yong, Design Institute (Group) Co., Ltd., Hefei University of Technology; Yang Haodong, Hefei Construction Engineering Group Co. Ltd.; Fang Ming, Anhui Provincial Institute of Product Quality Supervision and Inspection and Liu Chaoyong, Anhui Provincial Institute Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd.


At the meeting, the committee has listened to the report on the compilation of the standard, carefully examined and amended the standard chapter by chapter, strictly checked the sub-contents of the overall structure of the standard and put forward professional opinions from different perspectives.


After questioning and replying procedures, the Committee accepted that the materials of standard are complete, full and reasonable in structure and coordinated with the existing relevant standards and met the review requirements and suggested to get the related contents of the standard revised and improved as soon as possible to form a draft for further approval.


This standard has been compiled on the basis of the development experiences of nearly zero energy consumption buildings in areas where it is hot in summer and cold in winter and combined with the relevant national technical standards, and taken into account the climatic conditions and regional characteristics of Anhui province, which will be of great significance to promote the healthy development of nearly zero energy buildings in Anhui province.


This standard will help to further improve the standard system of nearly zero energy buildings in Anhui province and provide technical supports for the development of nearly zero energy buildings in higher qualities.


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